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The Ford 600 Series tractors began production in 1954, and continued until 1957. Considered a two-plow utility tractor, this one proved to be very popular with the farmer. Similar to the Ford NAA or Golden Jubilee in design, it used the same 132 cubic inch engine with 31 horsepower also known as the Red Tiger. Several different models were made in the 600 Series, and these numbers were used to denote whether they used a particular transmission, hydraulic system, or PTO. The result was five different model numbers: 620, 630, 640, 650 and 660. The model breakdown is listed below. All of these tractor carry the "Ford 600" series badge on the radiator. For the 601 Series tractors see the Ford 601 section.  


Ford 620 has a Four-speed transmission, no PTO or three-point hitch
Ford 630 has a Four-speed transmission without PTO
Ford 640 has a Four-speed transmission with PTO and with three-point hitch
Ford 650 has a Five-speed transmission, non-live PTO with three-point hitch
Ford 660 has a Five-speed transmission, live PTO and three-point hitch


Many of the Ford 600 Series tractors are still in use today on small and large farms alike due to their power and functionality. Although, many of these tractors are very collectible today due to their smaller size and favorable design. The Ford 600 Series tractors can be seen in parades and some are restored to a quality that is better than when they rolled off the show room floor back in the 1950's. 

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