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The Yanmar tractor was founded in Japan in 1912. The company has a long history with small diesel engines. The agricultural equipment division of the company was started in 1961. Yanmar entered into an arrangement with John Deere and began building several utility tractor models in the early 1980’s for John Deere. Yanmar also made their own tractor line and sold them in the United States. Most of the Yanmar tractor made for the United States carried a three digit model number. Models such as the YM135, YM155, YM165, YM180, YM186, YM195, YM220, YM226, YM240, YM330, YM336 and others are the original Yanmar tractors sold in the US. Yanmar and John Deere were both in competition for the small tractor market and since Yanmar made the engines for John Deere, Yanmar was the one to leave the U.S. but still continue making engines for John Deere. Yanmar continued to make tractors for Japan and for Japan’s use only. The “Grey-Market” tractors are those that Yanmar made for Japan, but are now imported into North America for their low cost and quality. Yanmar’s Grey Market tractors have mostly a four digit model number such as, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 2000, 2500, 2610, 3000, 3110, 3220, 3810 and many more. Today, Yanmar is back in the United States as Yanmar USA and they are back with more than just tractors. Stevens Tractor is an “Authorized” Yanmar parts dealer. In the early to mid 1980’s we sold Yanmar tractors and we still carry original Yanmar parts today. We also offer many aftermarket parts for the Grey Market tractors. Some of these parts include engine gaskets, pistons, rings, crankshaft seals, rod and main bearings, glow plugs, valve parts, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, brake shoes, clutch disc, pressure plates, throw out bearings, seats and much more. Call us today for your Yanmar tractor parts.

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