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In 1965, the entire range from the 2000 to the 4000 four cylinders were revamped, with a new three cylinder diesel engine. The 5000 was equipped with a four cylinder diesel, and the 6000 was renamed the Commander 6000 and was redesigned to fix the earlier technical problems with the same specifications. This line would continue, receiving expansions until it ranged from 2000 to 9000, until 1975.

The Ford Motor Company was one of the largest and most successful companies in the tractor industry. Ford was one of the early leaders in mass production and the assembly line, and they took these strengths with them in their production of tractors. This allowed them to offer these machines, in the early days, at prices no one could touch, and this made Ford one of the keys towards the mechanization of agriculture. It is a testament to the quality and durability of the machines they produced that many of them are still running and being actively used throughout the world, five decades or more past their production dates. Their beauty is recognized by those that collect and restore these symbols of American pride and progress. Though the Ford Motor Company may have sold their tractor division to Fiat Agri in 1993, their legacy and heritage live on throughout the American heartland.

Stevens Tractor Company has one of the largest selections of Ford Tractor parts, including New Holland. Tractor parts such as fuel injector pumps, radiators, fan shrouds, injector lines, carburetors, hydraulic pumps, power steering cylinders, add-on power steering kits, tractor seats, head lights, manifolds, mufflers, decals and many more hard to find parts.

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