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  1. Fall Gardening with Linda Stevens

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  2. Universal Equipment Stand Installation

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  3. Customer Spotlight - 1962 Deluxe Massey

    1962 Deluxe Massey - (Just like daddy's)

    "This tractor belonged to my disabled neighbor, Al Rowland. I kept him in veggies and he let me use it for several years. I'm glad he finally decided to sell it to me before he passed, because God needs farmers too. I've owned it 41 of the 52 years its been in service, and I still use it everyday. I restored it with parts from Stevens Tractor. Thanks for the prompt service."

    - Royal Purdee

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  4. Purchase Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts

    At Stevens Tractor Company, we’re your premier supplier of Massey Ferguson tractor parts to meet the needs of your Massey Ferguson tractors, whether they are old, antique, or late model versions. Throughout the United States and around the world, tractors are vital to many types of farming operations. The parts that outfit these machines and make them function properly are crucial as well. We offer an online inventory of parts in a wide range of categories to help you secure the parts you need for your Massey Ferguson tractor. These include parts for the following tractor models:

    Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts for Sale

    The Massey Ferguson brand is associated with a high level of consumer trust as a result of its track record and connection with an important understanding of the farming industry, the land, and the machines and equipment needed to get the job done.

    For more than 150 years, Massey Ferguson has developed experience in the tractor industry and fostered innovation in the development of tractor equipment and parts, many of which we offer for sale at Stevens Tractor Company.

    As a parts supplier of Massey Ferguson tractors, we offer reliable and durable parts and accessories that have been designed, engineered, and thoroughly tested the high level of quality through all stages of development.

    Convenient Shopping and Prompt Shipping

    You can shop for Massey Ferguson brand tractor parts within our large inventory by category. We provide secure and fast shipping that also facilitates safe delivery of your items. As a premier provider among Massey Ferguson brand tractor parts dealers, we understand the necessity of having tractor parts shipped quickly.

    Our team at Stevens Tractor Company, includes technicians who are highly trained to understand our product line from the largest to smallest item. We are your premier source for the exact parts you need for your Massey Ferguson tractor. There is no need to look elsewhere for tractor parts and supplies. We have you covered.

    Give us a call today at 1-800-333-9143 to find out more about the extensive selection of Massey Ferguson tractor parts we offer.

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  5. Ford Tractor Parts Support a Legendary Brand

    One of the largest and most successful companies operating the tractor industry has been and is the Ford Motor Company. As a pioneering leader in mass production and assembly line operations, Ford utilized this capability throughout the years to manufacture tractors. These tractors are in abundant supply and use and are maintained and serviced by Ford tractor parts. At Stevens Tractor Company, we offer a wide range of quality replacement tractor parts for Ford tractors.

    In the early days of the tractor market, Ford offered tractor equipment that was unbeatable by any other competitor. The company was a pioneer in the mechanization of the agricultural sector. Tractors produced by Ford more than 50 years ago still function today in operational service around the world.

    Even though Ford sold the tractor division of their company to Fiat Agril in the early 1990s, the Ford brand of tractors has made a lasting impact on the overall American farming and agricultural landscape.

    The Ford Tractor Debut

    In 1907, Henry Ford and his company developed the first experimental tractor. The name given to the machine then was “automobile plow.” The machine at that time utilized many parts from the line of Ford cars the company offered as Ford tractor parts in order to reduce expenses involving development and production. The Fordson Model F, the first practical commercial model, started production about a decade later.

    A Cost-Effective Tractors for the Average Farmer

    From the initial Fordson in 1917 to the modern Ford tractors manufactured by Fiat Agri, the Ford brand of farm tractors played a significant role in the way farming and agricultural tasks are carried out. Tractors produced by Ford were the very first machines of their kind mass-produced and also affordable by average and rural citizens and farmers.

    Ford tractors have been used throughout the years to deliver a massive amount of food to many people around the world. These machines have helped to elevate the living standards of many since they were brought onto the market in 1917. These tractors and the Ford tractor parts used to manufacture these machines have continually contributed to highly efficient and large-scale farming and agricultural production worldwide.

    If you have one or more Ford or New Holland tractors and need tractor parts for repair, replacement or restoration, give us a call today at 1-800-333-9143.

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